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1.4 Cubic Telehandler Bag Filling Bucket to fit JCB Q-FIT, Merlo, Manitou, Matbro & More


Currently out of stock, more coming soon

1.4 Cubic Capacity Telehandler Bag Filling Bucket

The JB Bag Filling Buckets provide a time and cost effective solution, for the rapid  moving, stacking and filling of aggregate bags. The bucket is designed with a hardened front wear edge, which allows a full bucket load to be scooped before emptying into the bag below. All telehandler bag filling buckets are built in a heavy duty as standard.

For loading common materials such as sand, stone, gravel, soil and cement, four bag hooks are positioned on the corners of the bucket and a hydraulic trap door mechanism allows material to fall freely and accurately downwards into the bag.

The two different sized buckets are photographed together, but the advertised price is for one bucket only.

To be used with any telehandler or loader, bags can be easily and quickly filled directly over the rear of a van or trailer, with precise control. The bucket design means that when bags are filled, they can be positioned or stacked with ease.

All telehandler bagging buckets can be supplied with a range of common brackets, such as JCB Q-Fit, JCB Tool Carrier, Merlo, Manitou, Matbro, CAT, Dieci, Euro, Kraimer, Trima, Sanderson etc. 


You are currently viewing the 1.4 Cubic model to suit All Telehandlers

1.4 Cubic Features

  • Typical production lead time (can vary): 1-2 weeks
  • Includes 1 set of standard telehandler brackets, such as JCB Q-Fit, JCB Tool Carrier, Merlo, Manitou, Matbro, CAT, Dieci, Euro, Kraimer, Trima, Sanderson etc
  • Front corner wear edge re-enforcement
  • HB400 Brinnel cutting edge
  • High tensile steel shell
  • 1m3 and 1.4m3 capacity models
  • Bags secured on hangers; easily detach bags without operator leaving the cab
  • Fast filling accurately controlled by two trap doors (controlled from the cab)
  • Up to 40 bags filled per hour
  • Rod end of ram can be manually tightened
  • Suitable for dense material such as sand, stone, soil, aggregate etc
  • Painted black as standard