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C4 Excavator Flail Head - D110-160 - 110cm, 130cm or 160cm - 6 to 15 Tonne Excavator

SKU: D130

C4 Excavator Flail Head - 6 to 15 tonne

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Manufactured by C4 Meccaninca Srl. in Italy, since 1973. With such extensive industry knowledge, these excavator flail and mulcher heads are of the highest quality - designed for professional users.

The D110, D130 and D160 excavator flail heads are fitted with Hammer blades as standard

Forestry mulcher heads, flail heads for mini-excavators, mulcher heads for skid steers and even earth drills and mixing buckets for excavators and telehandlers, are all manufactured in house using the finest European components. Thanks to leading edge machinery, a highly qualified work force and outstanding manufacturing procedures, C4 Meccanica is one of the finest European producers of excavator flail heads.

C4 Excavator Flail Heads
100% Made in Italy
Anti-cavitation flow adjustment valve included
 Heavy Duty - Typically 20% stronger & heavier than other brands
 Optional Flotation Device
Excavator headstock included
Fitted with Cassapa hydraulic motor
 Adjustable roller
 Hydraulic hoses included (not quick couplings)
UK stock


The D110 to D160 are designed to suit excavators with a flow rate between 60-130 l/min.


All C4 excavator flails are fitted with the highest quality Cassapa hydraulic motors.

The D130 is fitted with 16 hammer blades.

Due to a custom made valve block, an additional drain line is not typically required assuming the back pressure in the excavators return line does not exceed 10 bar of pressure. This can usually be achieved on most excavators, particularly if there is a free flow return to tank option on the excavator dashboard.



Models available to suit 1.5 - 20 tonne excavators, with larger models available on request.

This page is for the excavator flail head - model D110-160 to suit 6-15 tonne excavators


D110-160 Features

  • Typical lead time from UK stock (can vary): 2-3 days
  • Includes 2 pin excavator headstock
  • Optional Flotation Device
  • Heavy duty reinforced frame construction
  • Cassapa hydraulic motor
  • CE marked
  • Anti cavitation flow adjustment valve included
  • General purpose flails fitted
  • Made in Italy