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Excavator Riddle Bucket - 2-3 tonne


2-3 Tonne Excavator Riddle Bucket - Small Gap Series

Excavator riddle buckets, otherwise known as shaker or skeleton buckets, are an essential attachment for the processing and sorting of topsoil, hardcore and other mixed materials. The JB riddle buckets are designed to allow bricks, concrete, stone, vegetation, rubble and all other types of debris to be separated from soil.

All riddle buckets are built with heavy duty, ribbed back slats and horizontal round bar, making them suitable for sorting heavy rock or concrete, prior to processing in a crusher or screener.

Small Gap Series - all standard riddle bucket models are now designed with smaller, tighter holes for better material retention including that of bricks, hardcore and small rocks.

The standard gap size on this RD2 riddle bucket is: 80mm x 102mm

As standard, riddle buckets are fitted with industry standard J / CAT type bucket teeth and adapters, allowing for easy replacement after prolonged usage.

Side cutters, side wear plates and hardened HB400 cutting edges feature on every size riddle bucket, offering significant wear resistance and an aiding to greater extend overall bucket lifetime.


Standard riddle buckets are available to suit 1.5 - 25 tonne excavators. Larger models are available on request.

This page is for the JB excavator riddle bucket - model RD2 to suit 2-3 tonne excavators

RD2 Features

  • Typical lead time (can vary): 2-3 days
  • Includes 2 pin excavator linkage
  • Ribbed back riddle slats
  • Heavy duty horizontal round riddle bars
  • HB400 hardened wear edges
  • J / CAT type bucket teeth and adapters
  • Ideal for sorting and processing all sorts of rubble and hardcore