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JB General Purpose Excavator Land Rake Bucket - 2-3 Tonne


2-3 Tonne Excavator Land Rake Bucket

The 020-RA Land Rake has been specially designed for use on 2 – 3.5 tonne excavators such as a Hitachi ZX27 or similar. Its width and weight make it ideal for this range of excavators. The land rake has many uses such as ground clearance, topsoil raking and sorting. It is widely used by groundwork's contractors, farmers and owner-operators.

The shape has been designed and tested for optimal performance when handling material. Unlike a standard ditching bucket curve, the side plates have an angular profile to provide maximum efficiency when sorting, picking and carrying. The internal tines are positioned at 3” spacing's (other spacing's available on special order). With 8 mm tine tips that are able to infiltrate the ground it makes it a perfect tool for finishing work as well as general sorting.


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You are currently viewing the 020-RAKE model to suit 2-3 tonne excavators


020-Rake Features

  • Typical production lead time (can vary): 2-3 days
  • Manufactured from standard 345 steel. Full Hardox models can be manufactured on request.
  • Includes welded 2 pin excavator linkage
  • Angular, V shaped side profile for carrying long timber
  • 75m / 3" standard spacing's