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Alpha 400 Excavator Tree Shear - 22,000-55,000 lbs

SKU: Alpha-400

Alpha 400 Excavator Tree Shear

The Alpha 400 is currently the largest Alpha tree shear model within the series. Being both lightweight and incredibly strong for it's size, this model suits excavators from 22,000 to 55,000 lbs. It is considered to be the ideal choice for 14 tonne class excavators such as a John Deere 135G.

A very popular choice for farmers and professional contractors - it's fast, simple and efficient whilst offering the most powerful cut capacity in it's class.

It features a heavy duty cylinder, HB500 grade bolt on blade and a bolt on headstock. The side bracket configuration allows the shear to be flipped 90 degrees for horizontal branch delimbing. 

The Alpha 400 is typically an excavator mounted tree shear, but can be configured for telehandlers and other machinery too. It can be used in a range of general forestry applications, from lightweight clearance to coppicing work and overgrown hedgerows, as well as heavier duty clearance and felling applications.

    Additional Side Bracket

    The best selling additional side bracket design incorporates both the standard top and additional bolt on side headstocks, as pictured.

    This economical solution offers excellent value for money whilst enabling the user to operate the tree shear in two orientations - ideal for branch delimbing.

    360 Hydraulic Rotation

    This configuration adopts 360 degree hydraulic rotation and requires twin auxiliary services on the excavator (not available on Alpha 150 model).


    The standard configuration has one bolt on top headstock. The bolt hole pattern on the top for this headstock is the same as the side, allowing headstocks to be interchanged if required.