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JHT-150 Excavator Hedge Trimmer Package c/w 40" Extension & Headstock

SKU: JHT-150

JHT-150 Excavator Hedge Trimmer Package, 40" Extension & Headstock  - 2,000 to 22,000 lbs

Save time, hassle and money with the JHT-150 excavator mounted hedge trimmer package. Unlike a handheld device, attaching this to an excavator allows for extra-long cutting reach, meaning you can gain access to those taller branches and deeper hedgerows all from the comfort of the cab.

As standard, the JHT-150 package is supplied with the hedge trimmer bar, 40" extension, 90 degree adapter, pivot system & excavator headstock.

The reciprocating finger bar is powered by a rear facing hydraulic motor and allows for fast and neat cutting of hedges with a low oil flow requirement. Adopting a 59" cutting width, the robust and low maintenance JHT-150 features a series of high quality individual replaceable cutting teeth made in Germany, so that you are guaranteed optimum performance and up-time. A fully  adjustable standard 2 pin excavator mounting bracket (headstock) to suit your machine is included, along with the 40" extension bar and pivot system.

The kit allows the operator to easily cut at any angle between the fully horizontal and vertical planes by simply adjusting the mounting bracket accordingly - access those hard to reach places like behind fences and telephone poles with greater versatility and ease than ever before. The JHT-150 has a cutting capability of up to 40mm and is your ideal solution for obtaining neat and tidy hedges with minimum manual labor.

JHT-150 Excavator Hegde Trimmer Package
 59" Hedge Trimmer Bar
 40" Extension Bar included
Excavator Headstock included
 90 degree adapter
 Pivot system
 Operates of a standard auxiliary line 
High quality cutting teeth Made in Germany 

The JHT-150 can be operated on a range of excavators from 2,000 to 22,000 lbs such as a Kubota KX71, JCB 8026, Kubota KX057-4 or Takeuchi TB290 to name a just a few.

Fitted with a hydraulic motor that will simply operate off your excavator's breaker (auxiliary) service.


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