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Excavator Ripper Hook - 2-4 Tonne


2-3 Tonne Excavator Ripper Hook Attachment

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The JB Equipment excavator ripper hook, otherwise know as a ripper tooth, is well suited to hard wearing and arduous applications such as quarrying, general excavation and demolition, where it is necessary to apply all the power of your excavator at one point for the in order to achieve maximum ripping efficiency.

All of the ripper hook / ripper tooth attachments in the range feature a leading interchangeable tooth point, HB400 wear resistant steel and a rear support plate.

Supplied with the standard 2 pins to fit your excavator dipper arm or quick hitch

The rear support plate is a common feature of all premium Scandinavian ripper designs, allowing for additional resistance against sideways forces as well as an upper protruding gusset which offers a flat face for dragging through loose material once ripped. It is a particularly useful feature for the removal of tricky objects such as tree roots and tree stumps.

Additional double front gussets and tooth adapter reinforcement plates, mean that this excavator ripper attachment will provide your digger with a powerful ripping ability each and every time.

Click on the interactive image above for specific details and benefits. Alternatively, please find other information below.


Models available to suit 1.5 - 25 tonne excavators, with larger models available on request.

This page is for the JB excavator mounted mechanical grapple - model RP2 to suit 2-4 tonne excavators

*Working depth calculated from the bottom of the flat top plate on the ripper. It does not include the additional height of the excavator linkage and 2 pins.

RP2 Features

  • Typical lead time (can vary): 2-3 days
  • Includes 2 pin excavator linkage
  • Rear support plate
  • Front gussets
  • Solid ripper shank design
  • Interchangeable tooth tip
  • HB400 wear resistant steel